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CAUTION: Yoga may cause you to develop patience, mindfulness, and new friendships.


Welcome to the family! We are a union of individuals who are on a journey to a New Life (NULIF)!


Here at MYNULIFSTUDIO everyone is welcome. We foster and support your individual journey toward a blossoming, healthy lifestyle – physically, nutritionally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and socially. We value loving ourselves first, so that we may bring our whole selves to all aspects of life. We seek opportunities for personal development, finding our authentic self, and surrounding ourselves with like- minded people.


Where in your life do you want to grow? In addition to your yoga practice, we offer workshops the first Sunday of the month on a variety of topics. Click here to register for our next event! 


Is there a subject you would like to learn more about? Parenting or step-parenting? Meditation? Relationships? Chakras? Health concerns? Send your requests and suggestions to us at


We value the human experience but between classes and workshops, stay connected with us on Facebook.


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